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Thank you for your interest in The Old Catholic Church of Hawaii, an outreach/mission Church within the jurisdiction of The Old Catholic Communion of North America. 

We are an outreach/ministry for people who may not have easy access to a pastor or a church,… but still want to worship God formally with a traditional Christian Liturgy.

Who are those people?

They may be people who:

  • Struggle with health, mobility, or disability issues
  • Are confined to their home, hospital, or hospice care center
  • Have very limited transportation resources/capabilities
  • Have a work schedule that makes it difficult to go to church at a certain time
  • Are visitors to Hawaii who just don’t know where to go worship
  • Find it difficult to focus on Christ in a large, busy Church,… preferring worship and pastoral care away from a church setting/environment.
  • Have no denominational affiliation or church home
  • Are Roman Catholics but have been denied the Sacraments because of some situation such as divorce and remarriage
  • Are looking for pastoral support for traditional services such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, visitations, etc., etc.

They may be people just like you.

We recognize that  worshipping  in community (coming together with others at Church) is always best.    However, some people have a really difficult time getting to a Church.  Others just find a big, busy church,… for various reasons,… to be personally uncomfortable or distracting.  

Thankfully, nothing says you absolutely must be inside the walls of a church building to properly worship God.    The early Christians often did so in their own homes, catacombs, and fields.  Worship of God is good and proper wherever it takes place.  

If you find it difficult to go to a Church,… or if you just prefer a more personal worship experience for you, your loved ones, or friends,… give us a call and let’s worship God together at a location that is helpful to you:

Friends home

In your own home



Nursing home

Hospital, Hospice, Care Homes

In Home

In your hotel room

In our worship, every baptized Christian is invited to Communion to receive Jesus,… the bread of life,… without pre-condition and regardless of tradition or denominationJesus is never withheld from anyone.   Don’t deny yourself this loving and sustaining sacrament.  Come joyfully to the table of plenty.

Very Important Note:   We are not affiliated with,… and should not be confused with,… the “Roman” Catholic Church of today.    More specifically, the Old Catholic Church of Hawaii is not within and does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu.   We are “Old Catholics” who,… while fully and traditionally Catholic,… do not follow some of the late Dogmas/Doctrines instituted by Rome as required belief under the penalty of sin and anathema.   Yet, because we celebrate the same 7 Sacraments, have the same traditional Liturgy, and often pray in the same beautiful way as the Roman Catholic Church,… some people think we are the same.  We are not.  While we certainly welcome and love our separated Roman Catholic brothers & sisters in Christ, it must be understood by all that significant differences exist between Old Catholics and Roman Catholics.  

For additional clarification on what make us similar but different,… click here Differences – Old Catholic/Roman Catholic to learn more.

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