The passing of a loved one is one of the most impacting moments any of us will ever face,… so you shouldn’t go through it alone.   Look to immediate family and close friends for support.   Saint Willibrord’s Old Catholic Church of Hawaii is also here to comfort you and offer guidance.

Many people who attend a Catholic funeral for the first time will often comment on how beautiful the service was.   That’s understandable since Catholic funeral rites are steeped deep in centuries-old custom, tradition, and ritual. 

However, the most important aspect about Catholic funerals is that they express the Christian hope in eternal life and the resurrection of the body.   Catholic funeral rites are not simply “a celebration of life,” as they are referred to sometimes, but rather a privileged opportunity to return to God the gift of the deceased.

Below is a description of the ceremonies we can assist with:

Funeral Services (includes graveside burial/columbarium interment prayers and blessing):

  • Funeral Service within the Mass:  Suggested donation/honoraria – $300.00
  • Funeral Service outside of Mass:  Suggested donation/honoraria – $300.00  
  • Cremation Service:  Suggested donation/honoraria – $300.00
  • Memorial/Remembrance/Anniversary Services:  Suggested donation/honoraria – $250.00

Call us:

  • If you just need to talk to a priest.  
  • If you need additional information on the priest officiating a funeral or memorial service.


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