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Our traditional Christian wedding ceremonies, vow renewal ceremonies, and marriage blessings are a beautiful thing to behold and listen to and can be performed wherever you desire,… in a church, in your home, on the beach,… anywhere you desire.

You can be assured of a professionally done, competent, and very reverent Christian ceremony that you will always look back on with joy and happiness.

Below is a description of the ceremonies we can assist with along with the suggested honoraria:

Wedding Ceremony:

  • Wedding ceremony within the Mass:  Suggested honoraria – $300.00
  • Wedding ceremony outside of Mass:  Suggested honoraria – $300.00
  • Each rehearsal:  Suggested honoraria – $100.00 


Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremony / Marriage Blessing

  • Christian Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremony:  Suggested honoraria – $225.00
  • Christian Blessing of Marriage:  Suggested honoraria – $150.00

The above suggested honoraria is for the island of Oahu, only.   If the wedding, rehearsals, and/or Vow Renewals are on one of the other islands (Maui, Kaui, Big Island) you would be additionally responsible for the air travel, car rental, food, and lodging for the priest/pastor. 

NOTE:   Occasionally we get asked by those who come from a Roman Catholic background,… who are divorced from a previous marriage,… if they can get married, Sacramentally,… without their previous marriage having been annulled.  

The answer is, Yes,… of course you can,… and you can receive other sacraments as well.   

  • For starters, we are not comfortable in saying that a marriage did or did not exist for a given sum of money (the costs associated with the review, interview, and investigative phases of the annulment process).   
  • Secondly, the annulment process often creates more problems than it solves by opening up old wounds/memories during the interview/investigative phase.
  • Lastly, we believe that all sin is forgivable to the person with a repentant heart.  

In light of this, we do not require annulments as a pre-condition to marriage.  

While divorce is a very, very unfortunate thing,… sometimes it happens,… and why it happened is between you and God.   We will not add to the pain of recovery from a divorce by denying you the Sacrament of Matrimony, or Communion, just because your previous marriage hasn’t been formally annulled.    

  • We want you to experience God’s loving embrace,… not His rejection.  
  • We want you to move forward, Sacramentally, with your life,… not get bogged down or stagnate in difficult Church rules and requirements.    

Don’t deny yourself the sacraments,… rejoice always in the Lord’s abundant love and forgiveness,… something we all depend on, daily.

Again, congratulations and all God’s blessings as you move forward with your planning.  Call on us anytime for a free consultation. 



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