Mass / Worship

For those who not familiar with a Catholic Mass,… our Liturgy/Worship is centered around the Sacrament of  Holy Communion in which we receive, in the Eucharist, the food of Eternal life,… the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ  (John 6:53-58)

COMMUNION   Communion



We practice an open communion and encourage participation by everyone.   Jesus truly present in the Eucharist is never withheld from anyone.   Whether you are divorced, remarried, or a member of the Church,… the Holy Eucharist is available to any baptized Christian who is repentant of their sins and desires to draw closer to God in this loving and sustaining Sacrament.  Come and joyfully receive Jesus,…. come to the table of plenty.

Our Mass is also designed to help people know God and encounter Him through the preaching of His Word,  prayer, and music.


Preaching Sermon Our SERMONS / HOMILIES (the preaching of His Wordis designed to help you grow your love relationship with Jesus,… our Lord and Savior,…and to better apply His Word to your everyday life.  While our sermons are expository in nature, they are preached in very simple, plain English that is easy to understand by all.  Also, our sermons don’t go on forever and ever.  Following a brief illustration, we get right to the point regarding the life application of the message.


Praying Together

PRAYER is offered throughout our liturgy and includes such well-known prayers as the Our Father, Glory-be (Doxology/Gloria Patri), the Apostles/Nicene Creed, and other beautiful, traditional liturgical prayers that profess our repentance,… give joyful praise to God for our forgiveness,…  and thank Him for His abundant blessings.  Above all, we pray (and accept) that God’s will be done in our lives,… whatever that may be,… to strengthen us in the faith as unwavering followers of Christ.  


Singing Together

Our MUSIC emphasizes (and keeps the focus on) God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as the center of our worship.  You may hear both traditional hymns and/or contemporary songs,… all of which are inspirational and give glory to God.  


LOCATIONS:  We are an outreach ministry that brings the Church to you.   Mass/Worship Services can be held indoors or outdoors at a location you desire.   This can be something that you arrange for a group of people in their home, in a hotel, on the beach, a chapel, or wherever a Christian liturgy/Worship Service is desired. Outdoors  In Home

Mass can also be made available in a more private setting for those who are hospitalized, shut-in, or who just desire a more personal Liturgy/Worship experience in the privacy of their own home/dwelling.Nursing home    Friends home


Altar set-up:  Yes, full set-up (Cross, Flowers, Candles, and seasonal linen)

Altar SetLength of Servi;ce:  Approximately 45-60 minutes (adjustable if necessary)

Opening / Processional Hymn:  Yes

Opening Prayer:  Yes

Readings:  3 readings (1 OT reading, 1 NT reading, and 1 Gospel Reading)

Sermon/Homily:  Yes (understandable, illustrated, brief, and relevant)

Confession/Absolution:  Yes – Three (3) methods to choose from:

  1.  Personally by confessing your sins directly to God.
  2.  In community during the Mass through the prayers of the Liturgy (General Confession prayer).
  3.  In private with confession to the priest (always available upon request,… but never required).  

Invitation/Communion:   Yes

Communion Hymn:  Yes

Prayers of the Faithful / Thanksgiving:  Yes

Closing Prayer:  Yes

Dismissal/Blessing(s):  Yes

Closing Hymn:  Yes


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